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Water Cooler To The Rescue

Page Updated Feb 17, 2007

In the past I used the water hose to fill up the 16 oz and 32 oz water bottles. Using a garden hose nozzle sprayer with a coupling nipple to direct water in a narrow stream into the bottles. Still pretty messy and sometimes I knocked the bottles over with water pressure getting a lot of things wet.

Then at work I was getting water from the water cooler. I realized that I was looking at the solution to my water bottle problem. That picnic water cooler can help with rabbit bottles. You know the water cooler that holds 5 gallons of water for picnics, soccer games, camp-outs, etc. It comes with a lever valve to turn water off and on.

It works great for rabbit water bottles! 5 gallons will fill up to 20 of the one quart bottles. If you want to mix acid pak in the water, the five gallon amount makes for easier mixing and calculation.

One time with the water hose and you have enough to fill up to 20 one quart bottles or 40 one pint bottles.

You can get a water cooler with a lever operated valve, it is easier to operate than the type with a push button valve.

I bought a water cooler for $10 at walmart and little plastic shelf unit that stands about counter height for another $10 at walmart. It makes it so much easier to fill water bottles that I've been putting off setting up the auto water system on those cages.

Have a good day!
Franco Rios

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