Photo: Harlequin Or Tri-Color Dutch Rabbits
Rios Skater & Rios Surge

Rare Breed Rabbit Groups
Updated 06-28-11

There are rabbit breeds that are special. Developed for color,
size, or special qualities. Now they are largely ignored by the
commercial market and most breeders.

Some of them you cannot even bring to a rabbit show because their
breed category does not exist. Some were in the show and lost
their place, or they never made it to being recognized for the
rabbit shows.

These are part of the Rare Breed rabbits. They are small in number,
but each have their own special quality to them. And their numbers
could be very small indeed, maybe less than 500 rabbits in the U.S.
for some breeds.

Many of the these rabbit breeds were developed as meat and fur
rabbits, with wonderful potential for show. And there are
some yahoo discussion groups devoted to these rabbits.

Check into these groups, post a message introducing
yourself and join in the discussion.

Rare Breed Rabbits and Rare Varieties
- great discussion group -

American Blue & White Rabbits

American Sable Rabbits

Argente Brun rabbit group (06/01/08)

Astrex Rabbits Group (071806)

Belgian Hares Group (080904)

Belgian Hares, Tans, Checkered Giants,
and Rhinelanders

Beveren Rabbit Breed

Blanc de Hotots - Hotot Rabbit Breeders Int'l

Brazilian Rabbit Fanciers North America (05/30/08)

Champagne D'Argents

Chinchilla Rabbits - Standard, American, and Giant

Cinnamon Rabbits Group (111305)

Creme D'Argent Rabbit Breed

Enderby Island Rabbits *new* 06/19/11

Giant Angoras

Harlequin Rabbits Group (081504)

Harlequins Group (081504)

It's the Harlequin Rabbit Club of Texas. (031705)

Harlequin Youth (081504)

Harlequin Dutch Rabbits (120204)

Lilac Rabbit Breeders (012010)

Lionhead Rabbit Breeds

Lutino Rabbits (092806)

Mini-Satin Rabbits group (12/20/08)

Palomino Rabbits rabbit group (12/20/08)
(not a rare breed, but a new rabbit group)

Perlfee Rabbit List (092606)

Rhinelander Rabbits group (12/20/08)

Satin Angora Rabbit Breeders (053107)

Silver Rabbit Group

Silver Fox News (03/11/08)

West Coast Silver Fox (05/14/08)

TANrabbits - Tan Rabbit Discussion (03/03/08)

Thrianta Rabbit Fanciers (082104)

Velveteen Lops (102504)

This is not a complete list of all the rare rabbit groups,
just the ones I know about. If you have a rare breed discussion
group, send me an e-mail and I'll add your group to this list.

Have a good day!
Franco Rios

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