Photo: Brothers from A Different Mother.
These orphaned Rhinelander bucks were fostered at one day old to an
American Chinchilla litter and survived. The Rhinelanders' caretaker drove
two hours at night in the rain to get them to a foster rabbit mom.
Bless you, Melanie! These Rhinelanders are beautiful!

World Rabbit Links
(last update Jun 22, 2008)

The World Wide Web (internet) is a fantastic resource for research about rabbits worldwide. With a few links and a few clues you can access pictures and information about domestic rabbits around the world!

Much of what I have learned about rabbit breeds of the world comes from discussions in online groups like yahoogroups and I am grateful for all the help I've received from hundreds of people online.

I'd like to thank Judy Le Marchant of England, Mirjam Gille of Sweden, for providing many of the links and clues listed below.

Have fun!

Showbunny (USA) - one of the best

The Rabbit: Husbandry, Health and Production (Jun 22 2008)
by F. Lebas, P. Coudert, R. Rouvier, H. de Rochambeau
Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO.ORG), Rome, 1986
A booklet, information now available on the web.

Amanda Galfvensjös Rabbitry (June 8 2008)
Breeding Swedish fur and NZW rabbits in Sweden
Includes pictures from a Swedish rabbit show

Swedish language site (Jun 8 2008)
Svensk päls translates to Swedish fur

Swedish Rabbit Breeders Association (Jun 8 2008)

Rabbit Pictures & Facts, Calif (Apr 5, 2008)
Rabbit natural history and general rabbit info

Hazelrigg Rabbits, Lancaster, UK (Mar 29 2008)
German Lop, Sallander, Fauve de Bourgogne

For Enderby Island rabbits, start at Nature's Pace:

Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand (Mar 23 2008)
Enderby Island Rabbits and other livestock

National Silver Rabbit Club - UK (Mar 23 2008)
Official Site, club founded in 1889

Moonshine Stud - England (Mar 22 2008)
Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Hulstlanders & Fauve de Bourgognes

New Website for Rare Variety Rabbit Club - England (Mar 22 2008)
Info on Rare Rabbit Breeds in UK

The Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club (Mar 8, 2008)
In Calgary, Canada,
Check out their links to rabbithopping videos too!

(Jan 6 2008) Scottish Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club (Scotland)
Club information and some photos from previous shows

(July 18 2007)Verdant Rabbitry has built a web page with info
about raising rabbits on pasture, compared to colony rabbit raising,
with links to other sites

(May 15 2007)Very interesting manual on rabbit raising
in developing countries.
Be aware this is a very big page to download

(May 9 2007)Renate Regitz points us to the following website: There is a new made website over Bartkaninchen. (bearded rabbit) Here see you the breed trait "beard" (distinct from the trait mane)

Other sites recommended by Renate Regitz

(Mar 28 2007) What if you were a rabbit in the wild with only your wits? That's the norm for wild rabbits. But for people, you need to visit the Survival and Self Reliance rabbit farming page for tips!

(Dec 31 2006) SlowfoodUSA seeks to have people tear themselves away from fastfood and to eat better. The Ark of Taste list includes rabbit under the heading Meat & Poultry in the center column

(Dec 29 2006) There is a website in UK with Vienna Blue pics & info

(Nov 23 2006) There is a rabbit color database with tons of pictures at

There all colors are sortable and searchable. You can also insert your own pictures. There are rabbits from all over the world in there. This website is owned and managed by Renate Regitz of Germany.

(Nov 7 2006) Learn about The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

(Mar 22 2008) New Website for Rare Variety Rabbit Club - England
Info on Rare Rabbit Breeds in UK

(Oct 22 2006) Judy Le Marchant of England has provided a file that will be useful to persons searching non-english language sites for rabbit info.

Click here to download europaschau_crib_sheet4.pdf

This is a file she created to read European breed standards and catalogs. It does not contain all UK or USA breeds, variety and colors. The crib sheet contains translated words for United Kingodom, France, Germany, Netherlands, and USA.

Judy tells me the color genetics come from the Netherlands standard, where they genotype their breeds so it should be reliable.

Judy tells me this is a work in progress, so any contributions along these lines can be sent to Judy. But she is not going to expand the list to include Hungarian, Italian, etc. Start your own crib sheet. Thank you Judy!

Continental Giants in Holland
In Holland these rabbits are called vlaamse reuzen
(Flemish Giants, but not like USA FGs)
Check out their club website (Sept 2, 2006)

In the exotic land of North Dakota USA, the ND State University has compiled a list of building plans. Look in the Miscellaneous group, search for the word "rabbit." You will find sketches and plans for cages, hutches, and small buildings. Many thanks to Greg H. of the Meatrabbits group on yahoogroups (Aug 24 2006)

Judy Le Marchant - "The Sallander is a breed solely in iron grey. Take a look at: and click down to kliendieren/konijnen/middenrassen/sallander/sallander

Willem Hoekstra is an animal photography expert - at the Netherlands top show he is there photographing the winners as they come off the judging table straight onto his photo booth set up on the side of the stage, and is so experienced he gets better poses out of tired grouchy winners than the breeders can! [The German and English version of his site do not work.]

The NKB is the Netherlands governing body and, like the ARBA site, is a good source of information and links even for those who don't speak Dutch. and again click to konijnen, then scroll down to midden rassen, sallander.

For a laugh, try these world wide wabbits

And finally, how the USA could make Convention really FUN!!!

Judy Le Marchant England (August 2, '06)

Blanc de Hotot - To see the original Blanc de Hotot in its native country, look here (the FFC is the French national rabbit organisation).

For anyone keen to know all about the breed, they are offering an "Ouvrage spécial Hotot", a special book about the Hotot breed, with loads of history and information on breeding etc, selling at 20 euros plus postage. In French of course, but it should be well worth translating. - Judy Le Marchant England (Apr 13, 2006)

The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) Breed Photos Page-Clicking picture of rabbit breed should take you the National Club for that breed (if available):

The British Rabbit Council:

Astrex Breed Info - Click on the word Astrex in the "Unrecognized" List (July 23, '06)

Astrex Coated French Lops in Ipswich, Suffolk, England (July 23, '06)

Nikki White's website, Australia (July 26, 06)
Scroll down to small animal links

British & ContiNental Giant Rabbit
Info web site from England (Apr 30 '06)

Check out this page with pictures of a wonderful garden full of rabbits.
*Takes a long time to load* Lots and lots of pictures.

The best place to start if you want to look at European breeds is this:

For German breeds including the Jamora try:

There are no furnishings, just a small tuft on the forehead between the ears and a slight skirt at the base of the body. Try this for pictures of swiss fox (fuchkaninchen), jamora and swiss fox coated dwarf (fuchszwerge)

Bearded rabbit Belgium

How much does that bearded rabbit weigh?
About 8 pounds if I remember correctly, but the weight is probably very variable still as they are in process of re-creating the breed, which first appeared in 1961. For more, see the Belgian native breed site and look at Gents Baardkonijn. Notice that the Belgian original is wool free, but the German version has skirts - a repeat of the Lionhead story? Judy Le Marchant England

The Belgian native breeds site

Look under Gents Baardkonijn for the first recorded lion-maned "breed". They appeared briefly years ago, but the exhibitor did not give their origins and disappeared when pressed for information. They were bigger than a Lionhead, more Hare sized, and could have been a Swiss Fox cross. I believe breeders in Belgium are looking to recreate them - Bob Whitman's book has all the latest information of course.

For more unusual languages, try this translation site:

MECKLENBERG Try these German sites

scroll down to see all 3 recognised colours. My favourite is the red/white

click on rassen, scroll down to Mittelgrosse Normalharr-rassen and click on Mecklenburger Schecken for 2 great photos

The following is interesting, but not a domestic rabbit breed.

I dont know the rarer colours for satins in the US but came across this german site you need to scrol down about half way...

it does have some unusual colours Steve

RE: Thuringer


"The breed was created in the Netherlands, where they are very popular, so look for them on the NKB (Netherlands national rabbit club) web site

Hi all, I took a look myself, (nice looking animal by the way), you will find a picture for it on the page marked "Konijnen". This is for those that do not speak dutch, I don't either, but trial and error....... anyway, a lot of nice looking rabbits on that page, some you may recognize others you may not. Happy looking :-) Deborah Bigelow

Someone asked Mirjam "Do you folks have a national show rabbit club?" Mirjam replie: Yes we have ( The sames Standard of perfection is used in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and now also in Finland. The breeds we have is presented in Bobs wonderful book:o) -Mirjam (Note: The site is in Swedish, but there is an engish version of Mirjam's website (

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