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Miscellaneous Subjects of Interest
Updated Apr 10 2011

HOMESTEADING - a Christian homesteading forum (Apr 10 2011)
Homesteading and Christian worldview discussion
(moved to a new server and is open again for discussion)

Homesteading Today - forum (Jun 1 2008)
Neighborly Help & Friendly Advice

The Homestead Forum (Apr 10 2011)
General homestead discussion

The Modern Homestead US (Apr 21 2008)
Skills & Philosophy for Self Reliant Living

Thirty Five By Ninety (Apr 20 2008)
Modern urban homesteading in Western New York


Instructables (Apr 20 2008)
Claims to be largest DIY, How-to site


Daniel Edelstein - Warbler Watch (Feb 18 2008)
Focus on Marin County, Calif


Backyard Chickens Info (Feb 18 2008)
Great ideas for coops and more

Backyard Herds Info (Apr 10 2011)
Keep a cow, goat, sheep, rabbits, alpacas, and more in the backyard!


Las Pilitas nursery grows a whole lot of California native plants. (062708)
This website is a garden unto itself. Full of information, education, and ideas.

California Backyard Orchard (062708)
Lots of info for the home orchard,
ignore chemical suggestions if you are organic

Edible Estates (062708)
Landscaping - Be gone old lawn!

City Farmer News (040708)
New Stories from Urban Agricultural Notes

Urban Agricultural Notes (Main Archive Site) (040708)

Bring Back The Natives Tour
Calif Native Plant Garden Tour, San Francisco Bay Region


Yahoogroup - Native Bees & Pollinators North America
Online discussion group

Urban Bee Gardens, Berkeley, Calif
Encourage the Original Pollinators - Native Bees

Pollinator (Native Bee) Habitat Conservation on Farms in Yolo County
California Agricultural Pollinator Project
from The Xerxes Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Alternative Pollinators: Native Bees
This publication discusses using solitary or native bees as pollinators.
from National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service


Fiber related links
Spinning, weaving, knitting and more

North America Rabbit Links

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