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Fiber Related Links
(last update Jun 14 2013 )

The World Wide Web (internet) is a fantastic resource for research.
With a few links and a few clues you can access pictures and information
around the world!

Much of what I have learned about fiber, spinning, weaving, knitting,
etc. comes from discussions in online groups like yahoogroups and I am
grateful for all the help I've received from hundreds of people online.

Have fun!


(June 2013) Beginners Guide to Sectional Weaving
A very helpful page with links to more information about weaving.
Thanks to Brianna for sharing this with us!

(June 2011) Backstrap Weaving - Laverne Waddington has setup
a blog with extensive information about backstrap weaving. Laverne
is an Australian living and working in Bolivia. She also travels
internationally to study and teach weaving. She usually updates her
blog once a week. You will also link to a tutorial on backstrap
weaving to help get you started.

(June 2011) Backstrap Weaving - Carol Ventura created a website
with lots of pictures showing weaving and design patterns
Lots of pictures!

(Dec 2009) Weavolution - a gathering place for handweavers
Weavolution is an online forum focusing on the craft of weaving
and related activities. You can visit the website and browse six public
forums or become a registered user (for free!) to join any of the dozens
of other public forums. Many well known and popular weavers, bloggers,
and fans are members of the forum, which has been very helpful to many
people. A recent upgrade to the message format now allows all messages
to be displayed in chronological order, making the system much easier to
use then before. So if you haven't visited lately or never visited before
now is a good time to check it out.

(Dec 2009) Ravelry is a place for knitters, crocheters, designers,
spinners, and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, and pattern
information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration.
Ravelry recently added "weaving" as an official craft in recognition
of the hundreds of weavers who were already using the site.
Ravelry is free to join.

(Dec 2009) Patty Anne's Place - resources for rigid heddle weaving
With a focus on the Cricket rigid heddle loom, Patty Anne's Place has
videos showing how to do different skills like direct warp, leno weaving,
brook's bouquet, and more.

(Dec 2009) Sprang - an ancient craft which is cross between
weaving and knitting. Follow these links for your own sprang adventure.
Wikipedia - Sprang

(Dec 2009) Join Sprang_List on yahoo groups

Stringpage.com - Sprang info

Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts - Sprang

Also check out this website with lots of do it yourself fiber arts ideas

Spinning Down Under
formerly Carolyn's Book & Crafty Bits

Weaving on a Cardboard Loom
by Eva Joan Henderson
Click to download document file. PDF format (Sep 7 2008)

The Rigid Heddle Loom
by Betsey In Michigan
Tips on using a rigid heddle loom with pictures
Click to download document file. PDF format (Oct 7 2008)

Rigid Heddle Loom Stand
by Betsey In Michigan
Pictures and description of a stand to build
Click to download document file. PDF format (Oct 7 2008)

(April 20 2008) Here's a site showing how to build a spinning wheel using plastic PVC pipe,
a bicycle wheel, a pulley and a knitting needle, plus info on how to use it.

(Aug 11 2010) American Tapestry Alliance homepage
Get inspired by modern tapestry projects

(Aug 11 2010) Here's a site showing how to build a tapestry loom
from copper pipe, scroll to bottom of page.

(Apr 18 2008)Cotton Crop blog
Growing cotton on a personal scale, some cotton spinning info

(Apr 1 2008)Found this link to a youtube video
on using a Rock Spindle and living in the present moment.

Also found this cool video of women in the Andes of Peru using dropspindles
Great soundtrack if you like South American Music

(Mar 20 2008) Weaving Southwest, Taos, New Mexico
Tapestry, rugs, blankets, looms, wheels, supplies

(Mar 14 2008) Crone-Findlay Creations
Knitting, weaving, crochet, and everything

(Mar 14 2008) Hankering For Yarn (USA)
A fiber addicts blog by Noreen Crone-Findlay
Recommend you browse the archives for links to other sites!

(Mar 9 2008) Homemade electric spinner - Ann de Rodegaine (France)
Description of electric spinner, and other interesting fiber stuff
Website in French language, translated decently in Babelfish http://annderodegain.canalblog.com/archives/filage_et_tissage/index.html

Babelfish translation: Click here for babelfish translation to english

14 x 20 inch dishtowel,
made from peaches & cream varigated color yarn,
handwoven on Beka rigid heddle loom, Dec 2008

(Jan 6 2008) The Fiber Equipment & Barter Page (USA)
For Previously Owned Weaving, Spinning & Knitting Equipment

Mini-rug 10"x12" hand spun wool, brown alpaca,
handwoven on a loom made from a picture frame


(4/13/08) Weaving for children. Try the notched cardboard loom ideas
from Montessoriworld.org. These projects have a simple set up but can be
fabulous! Great ideas for little hands. It even works for grownups!

Or the paperbasket weaving

Basic weaving info

(Apr 1 2008)After studying the Marla Mallett site
and the Taos Trading Post site, I was inspired to weave
a tiny rug. It was fun!
A Simple Frame For Weaving Experiments (!)

Awesome pictorial of Navajo Loom Weaving

(Mar 21 2008) The Journey Loom (USA)
Small Frame Loom, very portable

(Mar 15 2008) Wayne Schmidt's Triangle & Square Loom (USA)
How to make a triangle loom and weave on it
Also has square loom info
Be sure to also look at Wayne's main site for other subjects

(Mar 14 2008) Tape looms, Paddle looms, Band looms, Medieval looms
and Card looms by Jonathan K Seidel

(Feb 20 2008) Meanderings/Tapetry Links
Jeanne B's page of links to other tapestry sites

14 x 20 inch dishtowel,
made from peaches & cream #133 Shaded Denim variegated color cotton yarn,
handwoven on Erica rigid heddle loom, Sept 2008

(Feb 13 2008) Schacht Spindle Co Newsletter
Two-heddle weaving on the rigid heddle loom

(Jan 11 2008) Leclerc Loom Pictorial History
Provided by Camilla Valley Farm Weavers Supply, Ontario, Canada

(Jan 6 2008) Handwoven Magazine by Interweave Press
Has resources for beginners and advanced on their website

(Jan 6 2008) Weavecast: A podcast for handweavers (USA)
Syne Mitchell produces a podcast for weavers and gives book reviews,
hints and tips and interviews fascinating weavers. If you don't have a
high speed connection, many of the casts are available as pdf transcripts.

Cotton plainweave, 14x24,
dishtowel or placemat, you decide,
handwoven on Beka rigid heddle loom Mar 09

(Jan 6 2008) Glimakra Looms & Weaving Equipment (USA)
FAQ answers 50 frequently asked questions about weaving

(Jan 6 2008) Handweavers Guild of America (USA)
Be sure to click on "Learning Opportunities" for articles
And "Links" for more links to fiber related topics,
including a list of weaving guilds. One in your area?

(Jan 6 2008) Book: A Handweaver's Workbook by Heather G. Thorpe
has been recommended as a good source of beginner's information.
Can be found at used booksellers.
Macmillan Publishing, c1956. reissued 1974. 179pp.
index, illus. b/w drawings. 8vo. Fine copy in d/w

(Jan 6 2008) Ruthe's Collection of Weaving Resources
Links to weaving resources

(Jan 6 2008) Leclerc Looms
Books: "Warp & Weave" and "I weave, you weave"
For the more advanced weaver
Can be downloaded for free from Leclerc Looms (Canada)
Be sure to wander their main website for loom info.

(Jan 6 2008) Northwoods Weaving (USA)
Browse Robin Murphy's beautiful website
Rag rugs, towels, shawls, and more

Mini-rug 12"X23" made from denim rag strips,
handwoven on Erica rigid heddle loom

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