Photo: Rhinelander Buck - Arizona State Rabbit Convention

The Rabbit Geek's List of Yahoo groups
Updated 06-28-11

The Rabbit Geek is subscribed to over 100 email discussion groups.
Some people have asked if there are that many rabbit groups?
Groups are not always specifically rabbits.

Interests range from rabbits, to fiber, livestock, gardening,
4H projects, and a little more.

Check into these groups, post a message introducing
yourself and join in the discussion.

List begins here - Some groups may be repeated
(New means new to my list, not a necessarily a new group)
"NEW* means added to list since the last posting of 12-20-08

Rabbit Health Forum (07/03/09) *New*
Discussion of rabbit health, all are welcome (formerly rabbitvettalk)

Palomino Rabbits rabbit group (12/20/08)
(not a rare breed, but a new rabbit group)

Rhinelander Rabbits group (12/20/08)

Mini-Satin Rabbits group (12/20/08)

Enderby Island Rabbits *New* 06/19/11

Western Canada Rabbit & Cavy Fanciers

Rabbit & Cavy Show North America

4H Rabbit List - Discussion of 4H rabbit projects

Calif Seed & Plant Exchange #2 - Trade plants!

French-English Lop Rabbit List - Discussion

Heritage & Rare Livestock Discussion

New Zealand Rabbit List - Discussion of New Zealand Breed

Pet Bunny List - Discussion of Pet Bunny care, all are welcome

Polish Rabbit USA - Discussion of Polish Rabbit (ARBA)

Rabbit Website Design - Web design for your rabbit related interests

Rare Breed Rabbit & Cavy Club of Calif

Slow Food Group - Fight fast food with Slow Food in USA!

Western Rabbit Show of America - Discussion, calender, show catalog files

California Rabbit Shows - Discussion, calender, show catalog files

Colour Hollands - Discussion Holland Lops & American Fuzzy Lops

Dutch Rabbits for pets, breeding, or for show.

Rabbit Transport - Arrange transport USA & Canda

4-H Rabbit Projects

4h-ccl � A discussion group for 4-H Leaders

4H Cavy Project Leaders

Angora Online - Angora chat with an Australia perspective

Angora Rabbit Pet Owners

Angora Rabbits - Angora chat from a New Zealand perspective

ARBA District 2 News - AZ,CA,HI,NV,UT and Mexico

ARBA Members - General ARBA rabbit information

Australian Show Rabbit - Show rabbit news from the south side

Arizona Bunny Swap - Buy, sell, trade

Cal Birds - California Birdwatching

Calif Bunny Swap Meet - Buy, sell, trade

Cal State Cavies 4 Sale - Buy/Sell Cavy & Guinea Pig

Calif Anti-Pet Legislation Awareness - Protect Your Right To Own Pets!

Carnivore Feed-Supplier - Buy, sell meat for raw feeding dogs, cats, etc.

Charkha - (or Charka) Spinning Wheels from India discussion

Commercial Rabbit Breeders - Discussion of 6 class breeds

District 7 News(ARBA)-CT,ME,MA,NH,NY,RI,VT,Quebec,Newfoundland,Nova Scotia.

Eastern Rabbit Transports - Arrange transportation Eastern USA

Edible Container Gardens - Grow your own food in containers

French-English Lops - Discussion

Angora Rabbit List - Discussion, all breeds, pets, and woolers

English Angora Rabbit Discussion

French Angora Rabbit Discussion

German Angora Rabbit Discussion

Giant Angora Rabbit Discussion

Satin Angora Rabbit Discussion

French Lop Breeders (USA)

Guinea Pig/Cavy Breeders & Classifieds

Heirloom Gardening 2 - Heirloom vegetables, herbs, flowers

Meat Making = Self Sufficiency & Independence

Meat Rabbits - Helping people raise rabbits for meat

Northwest Reporter - Discussion for NW USA region

NW Rabbit Exchange - Buy, sell, trade, barter NW USA region

NWRHRBC - Northwest Rare & Heritage Rabbit Breeders Club

NYSAO - New York State Animal Owners

NZRabbit - New Zealand's biggest rabbit club

Organic Homesteading & Gardening - that says it all

Palomino Rabbit List - Palomino rabbit breed (USA) discussion

Pet-Law - Defend your right to own pets

Professional Rabbit Meat Association - chat logs & announcements

Rabbit Education Society - Promoting responsible breed & pet ownership

Rabbit-Hopping-Agility-Jumping discussion group

Rabbit Genetics - Discussion, unmoderated

Rabbit Railway - Arrange rabbit transport

Rabbit Classifieds - Rabbit and related sales ads

Rabbit Hopping - discussion of rabbit hopping/agility

Rare Livestock discussion

Real Food - In search of Real Food

Rex Rabbit List - independent discussion Rex breed rabbits

Show Bunny List - the largest showbunny discussion group

ShowBunnyPhoto is the PHOTO companion group for ShowBunnyList.

Showrabbit - Show rabbit discussion, unmoderated

Small Loom - Anything smaller than a floor loom

Sock-it-to-me-loomers - Making socks on knitting looms

Spindlers - Beginners welcome

Spindlitis - for spindle spinners

Spinning - For those who love hand spinning at any level

Spinning Community - A spinoff from the Spinning group above

Spinplus - spinning, weaving, knitting and all fiber related interests,
with the emphasis on angora fiber and other exotic fibers

The Rabbit Market - News pertaining to marketing of meat rabbits
in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.

TOULAARP-The Officially Unofficial Loose Association of Angora Rabbit People
Restricted membership. NOT a list for novice angora raisers.

Tri-Color Rabbit Genetics discussion

UK Rabbit Breeders

UK Rare Breed Rabbits

VHD Info-Rabbit Viral Hemorrhaghic Disease/Rabbit Calicivirus
Information group for outbreaks in US & North America
Put this group on digest mode to receive info when available

Weaving - discussion for all types of looms

Western Rabbit Tranports - arrange a ride for a rabbit

Wool Rabbits - Angoras, Fuzzies, Woollies, Lionheads, all kinds

Rare Breed Rabbits and Rare Varieties
- great discussion group -

American breed rabbit discussion (Formerly ABWRC)

American Sable Rabbits

Astrex Rabbits Group (071806)

Belgian Hares Group (080904)

Beveren Rabbit Breed

Blanc de Hotots - Hotot Rabbit Breeders Int'l

Champagne D'Argents

Chinchilla Rabbits - Standard, American, and Giant

Cinnamon Rabbits Group (111305)

Creme D'Argent Rabbit Breed

Giant Angoras

Harlequin Rabbits Group (081504)

Harlequins Group (081504)

It's the Harlequin Rabbit Club of Texas. (031705)

Harlequin Youth (081504)

Harlequin Dutch Rabbits (120204)

Lilac Rabbit Breeders

Lionhead Rabbit Breeds

Perlfee Rabbit List (092606)

Satin Angora Rabbit Breeders (053107)

Silver Rabbit Group

Silver Fox Rabbits Groups

Tan Rabbits International (081204)

Thrianta Rabbit Fanciers (082104)

Velveteen Lops (102504)


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