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Sept 2, 2006: Info & pictures provided by David Boggis of Ipswich, England.

Known as Vlaamse Reus (Belgian or Flemish) translating as Flemish Giant,
but not of the flatter stature of the USA Flemish Giant.

(Pictures: Two Blue Continental Giant Does, 5 months old,
imported from Holland to the UK)

(Right-click to View Image, then click on image to enlarge)

The first rabbit is tattooed 6DX 116
The first 6 means 2006, the DX denotes the region of Holland,
the next 1 means January, the 16 is the 16th tattooed that month,
not necesarily January 16th.
This tattoo system is used throughout Holland in preference to rings.

This yellow litter was very succesful. 8 born, 8 raised by the doe.
(Photo:Yellow litter at 6 weeks old)

These rabbits originated in Gent near Antwerp where secret societies
met in the 19th Century every week. They bred their rabbits for weight
above all else and had weigh ins at every meeting. Breeders were fined
for no shows. Pubs still exist with links to these clubs.

David also says "The light steel buck is a 2 and a half year old called
Beau. He was a "U" class winner in Holland, their highest accolade.
I have already bred 2 litters by him and have kept a buck from the
first litter. Beau's attributes are a big solid type, a straight rather
than tapering body, ie very bold front feet, AND possibly the biggest
head I've seen in a rabbit."

(Photo: Beau, Light Steel Buck, note the British style hutch construction)

In Holland these rabbits are called vlaamse reuzen
(a slight spelling difference)
Check out their club website

The Haaskleur on close inspection looks like a red agouti with opal
style banding. The translation: HAAS=Hare + KLEUR=colour
Hence, "harecolour"
(Photo: Haaskleur Buck)

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