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(feed notes updated Feb 16 07)

There are a some people who think pellets are terrible food for rabbits.

I saw on another group a post that echoes what I have tried to tell
people for years.

Pellets are not just pressed alfalfa. They also contain vitamins and

Using pellets as your basic feed can assure the rabbits are getting
their basic nutrition requirements.

If you are depending on veggies and grains only, your rabbit's diet
could be deficient in vitamins and minerals.

Some people argue that pellets were made to put weight quickly on meat

There are many formulas for pellets. Yes there are pellets for growing
meat rabbits, but there are also formulas for pet rabbits, for show
bunnies, for angora rabbits.

Look for good quality pellets, without the colored flavor pellets or
dried fruit or grain. A lot of supermarket feed is expensive and
fattening for rabbits. Avoid the so called "gourmet" pellets. They
just make rabbits fat.

Look for a good quality pellet and use it as basic feed to assure your
rabbits are getting the nutrition they need.


We use Purina feed all the time. Purina Rabbit Chow (green bag) is
good basic rabbit feed. It is perfect maintainence feed for bucks and
non-producing does.

I often use Purina Rabbit Chow 16% mixed with Purina Professional 18%
(grey bag). This makes an average 17% which is suitable for everything
from little lops up to big meat rabbits, Angoras, and nursing does.

And more economical than using all 18% feed, which would be a little
too much protein for some little breeds.

Purina also uses a very easy to read date code on the bottom, it used
to be 5AUG27 TRL meant 2005 AUGust 27 TuRLock mill.

I just received some bags marked 20 OCT 05 TRL. How easy is that?

Mix feed by putting two bags on a table. Let the bag tops overhang the
edge of the table by a few inches. Push a 30 gallon plastic barrel up
to the table. Open the bags carefully, about six to eight inches and
let a stream of each feed flow into the barrel at the same time. It
takes less than a minute for the two bags to empty into the barrel.
Lift the bags as needed to completely empty them. This mixes the feed
adequately. A feed barrel on wheels can be pushed to a convenient spot
after it is filled with 100 lbs of feed. This also keeps the bottom of
the barrel off the cold concrete, which could create
condensation/moisture problems.

We use a little feed bucket and a cup for feeding, dipping into the
feed barrel of mixed feed. Calf manna and other supplements are in
other smaller buckets and barrels for use as needed.

Full sealed sacks can sit on a shelf. Open sacks need to be
transferred to buckets or barrels ASAP. An open sack is a mess just
waiting to fall over.

Have a good day!

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