Erica Rigid Heddle Loom

10-4-08 Starting more dishtowels. Last update 5/12/09

I'll be updating this page kind of like a blog so keep checking back here. Hit Refresh on your browser to view the latest update. Right click of your mouse should allow you to view the picture full size for more detail.

This Erica loom was gifted to me by my sister in law. I believe she bought it a yard sale.

Normally you put this loom on your lap and prop the other end on a table. I found this wooden craft frame for sale $5 at a thrift store. This allows me to sit anywhere with the other end propped up by the frame. It also allows me to set the loom on the floor with the stand supporting it like an easel. I attached it loosely with a couple of plastic zip ties.

I have hung the warp on the back beam and will start threading through the heddle.

10-7-08 Here is the loom with the towels in progress. I forgot to take a picture of me threading the heddle and I've been weaving. To thread the eyes of the heddle I made like a crochet hook with some thin electric fence wire. The threading/warping the loom took about 5 hours altogether. It should have enough for two dish towels when I'm done.

The red-green-white yarn is Bernat's Holiday. When I finished the piece and washed it, the red dye bled all over the white part turning the towels pink. When I wrote to Bernat, they sent me detailed instructions on how to set the dye on their "color-fast" yarn. Well thanks for nothing! I will avoid Bernat's yarn from now on. I bought the yarn at Jo-ann's. They were super! Gave me credit for the un-used yarn that I returned even though I had lost the receipt. Told me to keep the towels I made. Later on I bleached the pink out of the towels, fading the green and red color. Now they are in use as kitchen towels.

This is me sitting with the loom. As you can see the craft frame supports the loom as I sit in the chair and weave.

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