Rabbit Cage Cleaning Tips

(Dec 17 2005)

Okay, I read a lot of Angora groups and here is a roundup of wool
(fur) management tips.

This is how I do it:
The small handheld propane torch will work but it will take longer.
It's what I use and it takes me an hour to burn off the wool and fur
on about eight stacker cages. I also use a long handled barbecue
brass wire brush for scrubbing the cages. It also has a metal scraping
bar. It's small enough to get between stacker cage sections too. Also,
when you are at walmart, look in the broom/mop section for
refrigerator coil cleaning brushes which look like long bottle brush
on a long handle. Good for clearing those poopy corners.

REMOVE clumps of hay or straw before trying to burn. I kept thinking I
could burn off the straw, but it doesn't burn too well and I have to
linger in that spot, running the risk of burning through the wire. Use
a screwdriver to pick out the straw or a HOOF PICK is very handy for
digging in the floor wire.

Afterward I hose off or powerwash the cages.

Here is how they do it:
Use the "weed burner" from the farm supply or big hardware store.
It's a larger propane fueled torch that will burn off a larger

BE CAREFUL not to let the flame linger on one area. Do not let the
wire or sheet metal turn red hot! You run the risk of burning off the
zinc coating (galvanizing). The zinc fumes should not be breathed in
since they are toxic. Removing the zinc coating allows the metal to
corrode sooner. You also run the risk of weakening the metal structure
or burning through the wire!

In between burnings you can vacuum your cages with a shop vacuum. Use
the upholstery brush to get in the wire mesh to clean off dust and
wool. Our Angoras are used to being groomed with blowers and the
noise doesn't bother them too much, but your meat rabbits may need
some time to get used to it.

I'd like to credit Barbi Brown, Christine Oliver, Margaret Bartold,
and Elaine Harvey for their tips which were included above.

Have a good day!
Franco Rios
Sacramento, Calif.

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