Reeves 19" Saxony Wheel & Bobbin

Last update 11/1/2009

12/20/07 This is the mystery wheel and bobbin. We bought the wheel earlier this year from a friend who picked it up secondhand from someone else. It works great, a lot of angora has been spun on this wheel. We are trying to find replacement bobbins for this since one of the wooden bobbins is chipped.

This is the wheel. There is no trademark on it, we thought it was an Ashford but the bobbin is different from an Ashford.

This is the wheel pictured from another angle.

This is the bobbin and the flyer. The curved end of the bobbin is unique from most other bobbins I can find online.

This is the bobbin sitting inside the flyer. Notice how the curved end of the bobbin fits into the curved flyer.

Latest news! 12-23-07 9:45pm PST
I bumped into a partial picture of a Reeves 19 inch Saxony Wheel.
It has 8 spokes like our wheel does. Our wheel is 19 inch. I could not see the flyer assembly. Ours fits on leather bearings. It also came with a distaff.

UPDATE: 1/18/08
Here is where you can get bobbins:
Thanks for your inquiry.
Yes, my son Carl Spriggs is the "official" old Reeves bobbin maker, and makes them to order. How many would you like? They are $29.50 for oak or $35 for walnut. He also makes several styles of lazy kates to hold the bobbins.
Please call our toll-free number to place an order:

Carol Leigh, Hillcreek FIBER Studio,

Update Nov 1, 2009
This wheel was sold and shipped to Anchorage, Alaska to a spinner who is hopefully enjoying it as much as we did. This web page will remain in place as reference for other people looking for information on the Reeves Saxony 19 Inch wheel. The Reeves wheels are now made by Schacht, but they are not making the 19 inch Saxony and they are using a different bobbin design.
Have a good day!

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