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Photo: China Doll - Ruby Eyed White Astrex Doe

Astrex Are Coming To California (Nov 4 2007)

Great news from Golden Spike Rabbitry, Alberta, Canada. Helga Vierich-Drever who has been developing the Astrex rabbit in her rabbitry has sent a shipment of Astrex rabbits to a another breeder in California. This establishes a new breeding site to rebuild and redevelop the Astrex rabbit, an old British breed of wavy coated Rex rabbit.

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Photo: Isadora - Blue Astrex Doe

This development has been going on quietly in Canada for a couple of years and now is branching out to spread the project to more locations. A recent dog attack at the Alberta rabbitry could have wiped out the project in Canada, making this shipment of rabbits to California quite timely and wise.

Congratulations to Helga and best of luck to Astrex fanciers everywhere!

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Journal of Genetics, 1956, Vol. 54, No. 3, pp.506-513,
published by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, India.
Focusing on Astrex Cats and Astrex Rabbit fur structure comparisons

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Astrex Rabbits in Western Austrailia

Astrex Rabbits in Western Austrailia

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