Ray Stacy

Ray Stacy's National Convention Check List

Posted April 22 2007

___ Container with a lid to hold everything in

___ 2 good pairs of toenail clippers

*(in case you lose one, good for clipping zip ties)

___ 4" zip ties, 1/rabbit/day.

*(get the white ones and color the heads w/marker pen so you can tell if someone has been into your coop)

___ Small wire cutters and small pliers

___ 1 roll, 3/4" or 1" masking tape

___ paper clips, thumbtacks and/or pushpins

___ 3 'OWNER WILL FEED' tags/rabbit. Otherwise who knows what or when they will be fed and watered!

___ wild stickers, ribbon, ornaments or something to mark your cages.

* all the rabbits are cooped by breed/variety/class so your rabbits will be scattered. Use something to make them easy to see from the end of the row

___ 1 sharpie pen, 2 regular ink pens, a blank notepad

___ Waterers and feed cups for each rabbit.

* if your rabbits are used to a licker, make up some portable ones to take with you.

___ 1-2 days of water from home, then buy water at store.

* DON'T USE TAP WATER! All city water is treated. Get one for you also.

___ Something to add to the water if they don't drink. I use Vanodine. Sugar will work also.

___ Feed. Try to have them on a national brand (Purina, MannaPro, etc.) Bring enough for 2 days then use theirs. If not, bring enough for the trip.

___ supplement feed.

___ Bandaids! Everyone gets scratched sometime during the convention

___ arm guards

___ pain reliever and any other drugs you may need.

___ small whisk broom and dust pan combo to clean your pens.

___ if flying, spare heavy duty 8" zip ties for kennel.

___ apron or 2

___ lint roller. Sometimes you will not have time to go back and change before a meeting or dinner with friends.

___ grooming supplies. Wash rag, comb, spray bottle, etc.

This should take care of most everything you will encounter during convention.
Any thing else ..find Wal-Mart!

Ray Stacy
ARBA Judge
Posted with Permission.

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