Angora - Harlequin Pattern

Angoras are raised for their fine, extremely warm wool. White is a common color because the wool can be dyed to any desired color. But Angoras can be found in a wide spectrum of color covering almost all the possible colors in the rabbit world. Including Harlequin.

The following pictures were provided by Nancy Barnett, Alton, Missouri

These English Angora Harlequin rabbits are 5 days old.

The same rabbits are 3 weeks old.

The same rabbits are 3 weeks old. The one on left doesn't look harlie.

These are the same rabbits at 5 weeks. A blue doe. A chocolate harlequin doe.

These are the same rabbits at 5 weeks. A chocolate harlequin buck. A blue harlequin buck.

The following picture provided by Michael Sherwood of Olde Meadow Menagerie

This picture is showing Harlequin markings in a French Angora buck. There is doubt of whether or not he is an actual Harlequinized Frenchie or just an odd colored Blue-Tort as he doesn't show any body markings or other alternations

The following picture provided by Louise Walsh of Evergreen Farm, Mass.

This picture is showing a Giant Angora Tri-Color, which is a combination of the Harlequin color pattern and the Broken color pattern. Louise Walsh is the creator of the Giant Angora (USA).

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